Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How much are tickets & what do you get?

A. Tickets start from £10.00 for admission only, this will get you in and an event brochure. You will have to purchase drinks tokens once you arrive at the venue. Alternatively you can purchase a £25.00 ticket, which is for admission and six discounted drinks tokens.

Q. How do the tokens work?

A.  For Wine Experiences events every token can be exchanged for a 125ml sample of wine or prosecco. Six tokens equates to a bottle of wine. You can also use tokens to take part in the charity blind wine tasting challenge and multiple goes of the fun photo booth.

​Q. How much are the drinks tokens?

A. If you take advantage of our £25.00 entrance and token package, your token equates to £2.50 per 125ml serving. When you purchase further tokens at the event they will cost £3.00 per 125ml serving.

Q. Is there are discounts available?

A. If you are coming in groups of 8 or more, please contact us to find out more. Also if you are a business we have corporate packages and advertising opportunities available, again please contact us for a rate card and more information. 

Q. Is there soft drink options?

Yes, we've not forgotten the drivers or people who simply want to share the event with friends, but don't want to drink. We will have a great range of still and sparkling soft drinks at each station which can be purchased with the same tokens.  

​Q. How can I buy tickets?  

We have teamed up with Connect Surrey a business networking group who provide ticketing also.  Simply click on the link from the relevant event page to order tickets online. You will be then issued with a unique e ticket. Alternatively you can call or email us with your ticket requirements and we will be happy to arrange something for you. Please note tickets are only available in advance and will sell out, so please do order early to avoid disappointment.